Dream On…

I am a HUGE fan of the television show The Voice. HUGE…and only partially because Adam Levine is my pretend boyfriend. The coaches are so encouraging, the music is always fabulous (at least to my ears), and Carson Daly (the host) just seems to be about the nicest person in television today.  Yes, I am a fan.

As we are down to the final six (five after tonight’s result show), last night we got to hear each remaining artist perform two songs.  One of Pharrell’s remaining two team members, 17 year old Koryn Hawthorne, chose the Steven Tyler / Aerosmith classic “Dream On” for her second number.  After bringing the house down (seriously, watch the clip – it was so so so so good!), her coach asked something along the lines of “Who in this audience, after hearing that performance, is ready to dream on?”  Feeling as if I’d just been to Church (capital C – – like CHURCH in a black Baptist church), I enthusiastically raised my hand.  As I was falling asleep later in the evening, I asked myself on what dreams I was willing to switch the button to “on”…and that has lingered with me all throughout today.

Dreams are a funny thing. Those ones that accompany us in our slumber can be simultaneously thrilling and scary, funny and weird, and clear as a bell while thick as mud.  The ones that gently call us away from our concentration during our work days often feel unattainable but wickedly alluring.  I just heard the story of Noelle Hancock, a woman in Manhattan who gave up her $95K-a-year job to move to the Caribbean and scoop ice cream for ten bucks an hour….and she couldn’t be happier.  I’m guessing that “ice cream scooper” was not Noelle’s dream job (although that was my Noelle’s when she was young), but the life she’s created for herself in St. John’s certainly seems to be… and that got me to thinking, “What’s my dream?”

Not my dream job per se, but just my dream. What is my dream?

What is your dream?

Do we dare to dream our dreams?

Do I dare to dream mine?

I don’t have answers for those questions today – or at least not well thought out answers – but it’s stirring inside of my head and, if I slow down and sit with it for awhile, it turns out to be quite an exciting question so I’m going to take Steven Tyler’s advice, via a teenage reality show contestant, and “dream on, dream on, dream until [my] dreams come true”, or at the very least, at least until they’re identified.

Stay tuned!  And dream on!


About Barbara Curtis

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." ~ Hemingway
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