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Just me…

Weekends are the hardest. Today the sun is out and the air has that half-winter / half-spring feel. It is a day Danny and I would’ve slept in a bit and then spent walking our dogs (Lord I how miss … Continue reading

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My daughter and I saw Dallas Buyer’s Club this afternoon. I had already seen it, but she loves Jared Leto and, considering he is AMAZING in this movie (he’s my pick for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar), I really wanted … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Today – Valentine’s Day – has been much harder than I’d anticipated. I tried very hard to prepare myself for this day devoted to love and lovers with the hope of minimizing the unexpected emotions I felt could possibly bubble … Continue reading

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Two months…

It’s been two months since Danny died. My mind is all jumbled up tonight. I’ve started this post several times already, and can’t seem to put even one or two articulate thoughts together.  I know I want to write tonight … Continue reading

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Let it be…

I love music – most all kinds – and I have for as long as I can remember.  My sisters and brothers are several years older than me, so as a young child, I was exposed to some of the … Continue reading

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Eight weeks. I don’t even know how. In some ways it feels as if a lifetime has passed since I last saw my Danny, yet it’s only been eight weeks.  In others, it seems like only yesterday, yet it’s been … Continue reading

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Just quit…

I’m typing this without being completely sure that I will post it.  Maybe just writing it will get it off my chest and that will be good enough. What I do know, carrying it around and not at least putting … Continue reading

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